The Adventures of Cara and the Bee…Part 1

Hello World!

This is the first of many installments as a “potential blogger” so let the adventures begin with my new friend Cara. (Who will now be referred to as Watson after this story. Will be explained towards the end of the adventure)

So who on the earth is Cara?

Cara and I met in my college small group, that is part of an on campus ministry we are both involved in. We discovered we have the same birthday (DOWN TO THE YEAR) and we decided that because we were  born as twins, we are now and will be twins.

Something we bonded over was the discovery that we both listen to Mikky Ekko (if you don’t know who he is go look up a song called Smile, or Stay by Rhianna…I hope that helps…). So this last fall, Cara and I traveled to DC for a weekend to see him in concert at a small venue by the 9:30 club called “U Street Music Hall”.

Cara is from Baltimore and the closest city to my current home is Washington DC. I was so excited about this weekend because this was the first time I would be able to share my hometown and my city with a new friend. I wanted to show Cara everything I loved about my hometown and my city…we were about to drink lots of really good coffee…

Cara has an affinity for all things lemon. This was like a “challenge accepted” for me and my mom. We had our family spaghetti a lemone for dinner with lemon chicken AND a lemon dressed salad.

A note on Sulfites:


Space filling model of a Sulfite ion SO3(-2)

Cara is allergic to sulfites. If she eats them she gets hives and it is not pleasant. So what are sulfates and where are they found? My mom and I found them in many things when we were cooking our lemon themed Italian meal for my new friend.

What is a sulfite? Compounds that contain a Sulfite Ion (SO3 (-2)), which are the conjugate bases of a bisulfates, just a fancy way of saying a compound with two sulfates. Sulfites are made in acid/base reactions when water reacts with an acid, or a base, to form a conjugate base, or conjugate acid.

So many things that you consume in your daily life have sulfates and this is why. From an aspiring food scientist’s perspective, sulfites are used as preservatives, or to halt/prevent fermentation. This is why they are more common in fruit, vegetable, alcoholic and prepared products. Look for sulfites in wine, salad dressings, dried fruits, and balsamic vinegar (stopping the fermentation process) lemon juice from concentrate (preventing fermentation) and cold cuts (preservative).

What to look for on your food label: Potassium bisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, Sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite or sodium sulfite.

Are they harmful? To most no, they are not harmful, however a lot of people react to them even though they are not allergic.  Sulfites are listed as one of the top 9 allergens according to the FDA.

Back to the story…

For breakfast the next morning we made Belgian style yeast waffles and homemade, sage and brown sugar, turkey sausage.  I made a brown butter orange glaze (yes orange, not lemon) for the waffles instead of syrup and we also had fresh berries that my dad had bought for us.

Saturday and Baked and Wired

Our goal that Saturday was to go thrifting to find dresses for a semi-formal that was approaching in December and also hopefully eat some good food along the way.


The updated espresso bar of the “Wired” side, taken from Instagram

Our first stop once we made it into the city was a shop in Georgetown called Baked and Wired.  My  friend from home, Noa, told me about this place and the first time I went, I knew it was love at first sight. Baked and Wired is a very small place, only growing in popularity over the years. There is one main door and then the place splits into two, get wired on the right (coffee house half) get baked to the left (café half). The whole place belongs on Pinterest. My favorite part is this wall at the end of the wired half that has been painted with every color you can think of. It is so warm and happy I felt right at home.


The Raspberry Cloud, also pulled from Instagram

Cara got the Raspberry Cloud cupcake and I got The Tessita. The raspberry cloud is a lemon cake with a raspberry lemon butter cream, the Tessita is a vanilla cake, Dulce de leche filling and a chocolate hazelnut ganache on top.  The Tessita was named after the owner’s daughter and it is my personal favorite. Then, we each got an Earl Grey London fog and we were happy campers.

Georgetown was lovely. We had an amazing day. After no luck thrifting Cara got on her smart phone and found us an H&M and Forever 21 over by the restaurant we wanted to try for dinner. We got in my Mini Cooper and drove across the city (so fun around 5pm in a manual transmission, thank goodness we did not stall).

For dinner we found this place that had been recommended to me by a friend and coworker. We were going to CoCo. Sala.

…To be continued




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