The Adventure of Cara and the Bee…Part 2

Welcome back to the DC adventure of the two twins in Washington DC…let’s get to dinner 

We were going to a place called Co Co. Sala, which had been referred to me by a friend and coworker.

“The Co Co.  Sala ambiance is a chic atmosphere which evolves just like the menu as day becomes night.  Surrounded by the chocolate theme, it embodies all different day segments from breakfast to lunch, to the delicious and unique dinner menu offerings, to the luscious cocktail list and the euphoric night scene. a.m. | p.m. … mmm.” (From the design page on the restaurants website, Co Co. Sala)

Sounds great, right?

We were so excited. We knew that for two college students it would be on the expensive side, but our love of food (and the fact that we had only purchased cupcakes for lunch) we convinced ourselves  everything would be okay. Our waiter and hostess were very “sophisticated” airing on the side of presumptuous and snobby. Even though they were not the nicest to us (we think they assumed we were high schoolers or something) we were determined to enjoy this experience.

Cara and I decided to split the manchego salad and the scallop entree. (Having discovered scallops are both of our favorites)

Below are the menu entries pulled from the website without the prices


caramelized walnuts / dates / apples / oranges / hazelnut & coffee dressing


pan seared cocoa nib crust / maple citrus glaze / celery root puree


How the scallop dish was supposed to look, this was pulled from the restaurant’s website Coco Sala

We should have taken pictures. When our waiter brought the food to the table we were presented with two bowls of greens, one large and one small. Our waiter informed us that the scallops were under the greens in the large bowl. We thanked him, blessed the food, and ate.

Everything was cooked wonderfully, but the dishes did not deliver what was promised.

The salad: the walnuts were not caramelized, they were toasted, there was hardly any orange, the dressing was one note (sweet) and I could not taste any hazelnut or coffee. It was not the prettiest salad either. Everything was just mixed and mounded in a bowl with diced cheese on top. Everything was cut so small that the dish became a one-note sweet mess.

The scallops: 3 perfectly seared scallops hiding under yet another messy mixed green salad mound. I will say, we liked this dressing more, even though there was no maple citrus anything going on. There was no cocoa nib, let alone crust on the scallop. The celery root puree was good, but tasted oddly like cheese. To the point where Cara kept asking me if it was cheese, ad i had to assure her it was not.

I will say, Cara loved the atmosphere. And the place was modern/chic or something of that nature, but she could tell I was a little disappointed. If we were paying what we paid I wanted more out of these plates. If they wanted to make such claims on their website, they should live up to them.

It was during my frustration that I explained to Cara my goal in life is to be a food critic. I wanted to start blogging since high school. I had this great title and an idea for a concept for how and what I would write.

sherlock1-447196Are you familiar with the BBC show Sherlock? Well Sherlock calls himself the “consulting detective”. I wanted to be the “consulting food critic”. My career goal is to walk into a place, try the food and be able to offer more than an opinion, I want to be able to help even with the business stuff too. (which is why I am studying what I am studying) Cara’s response was just really encouraging. She told me to stop waiting and to just do it…so here we are. She also asked that if I was Sherlock, could she be Watson? So that is why Cara is Watson.

I told Watson that they had let me down so much that I didn’t want to give them the chance with dessert. We would get the check and leave, so we did.

Yelp led us to a place called DGBG just a block away for dessert. When we walked in the atmosphere was so warm and inviting and the host happily supplied us with dissert menus before we decided to stay.

We were seated and ordered the following:

coffee-cardamom ice cream, marshmallow, hazelnut, hot chocolate sauce

grand marnier soufflé, vanilla anglaise

The server brought us our dessert. There was a soufflé and a chocolate dome with a little bit of gold leaf on top. We thought that was it…but the server didn’t leave. He preceded to pour the hot chocolate sauce onto the chocolate dome. It of course melted slowly but it was amazing! It was an at the table Magic Trick.


The Souflee, pulled from DGBD on Intsagram

We thought that was all, but he cut an x into the top of the soufflé with one of our spoons and poured in the anglase. The soufflé raised a little bit and then began to lower slowing.

I dug my spoon into the ice cream picking up all of the layers.

I could taste everything

THIS was TRULY amazing.

The look on Watson’s face said it all. We were both amazed. The hot chocolate sauce was warm, with the cool creamy ice cream, chewy marshmallow, toasted nuts, and the crisp pastry that it was all sitting on. Everything, literarily every component was spot on.

I took my spoon to the soufflé. My first soufflé. WOW. That is all I can say.  Creaming and fluffy and wonderful and so full of flavor. I thought the vanilla got a little lost but overall I was really impressed.

We left happy and the staff wished us luck with the next part of our adventure. Watson and I have promised each other that we will go back one day, but not or just dessert. My complements to the chef, the staff and the owner. Thank you for making eating in the nations capital worth it.

Mikky Ekko, sir, you were amazing.

But the adventure still isn’t over. In the third and final part of this story we went back home and recreated CoCo. Sala’s dish, except he way we think it should have been done.




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