Thoughts on Today

Hello everyone! This is from the desk of a college girl with thoughts, and yet not a lot to say,

I am sorry that this blog and it’s purpose have slipped my grasp, time has not been my friend and I have not made this a priority, so now have to live with the fact that this is not as full and present and booming as I would like it to be, but that is okay. So, moving forward, for the remainder of my lease of this URL I would like to use this space as a place to share some thoughts. Maybe in a world of spinning opinions, choices and demands, this could be my place to just voice the spinning mass that is my head, take it or leave it.

I want to be honest. I just want to be honest in a world too full of masks and lies. If my honesty is offensive to you, it is not intend so, they are just thoughts, and I will take ownership of them, all the while knowing I do not know everything and have lots to learn.

Gail Carson Levine wrote a novel called “Ever” (SPOILER ALERT) the heroine Kezi, chooses to become the goddess of uncertainty. Part of how Kezi wants to live, is to invite people to have opinions, thoughts, and help her figure things out “Wonder together”. The invitation to not need to have everything together, to make a mistake, to guess wrong.  I guess, maybe for now I am just someone who had some wondering to do…only time will tell….

So for now I will leave you with a small poem. Truth be told, I was falling asleep in my Finance class yesterday (In BIT right now TBH) and to keep me from falling asleep, I tried to use my unstable brain state, in and out of consciousness, to write this small piece. I hope you like it and I would love to hear your thoughts as well.





I know today as the immeasurable constant that ends in the multiverse of possibilities, and endless amounts of time between yesterday and tomorrow.


A perfect mistake that spontaneously occurs through the duration of a universe that only lives for the length of a breath.


A terrifying reality that presents new challenges, answers, opportunities, feelings, thoughts, actions, decisions and impact.


The feeling of freezing in a continuum and yet striving to stay there, here, now, in this infinite moment of possibilities.


The end of a beginning or beginning of an end, dependent on the choices we make, how we find ourselves in a sea of opinion, disillusion, waste, trial and fear.


Another moment causing a vibration, ripples that can never be undone and erosion that will last forever.


Forgetting the past only to repeat the future.


Just another day




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